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Gender Male Elazaro
Origin: Hebrew Meaning: God has helped.

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ElazaroAccording to numerology, Elazaro is associated with the number 6. The number of personality 6 indicates the nature of the character, the manifestations of which are perceived by others is far from unique. A person who turned to the "six" for advice and support can be sure that the phrases "these are your problems" will not be answered. On the contrary, the "six" will surely show sincere participation, willingness to help, to do everything in its power. But further complications begin.

Character of People with Personality Number 6

The fact is that the number of personality 6 gives its owner the ability to guess the true motivation of a person for his words and deeds. Thanks to this, the "six" person can see the real state of things and offer not one but twenty ways to resolve the situation, promising assistance in each of the options. From what the "petitioner" in his head immediately formed porridge, and he already regrets that he applied for support. However, the "six", who undertook to help, is unstoppable. Armed with good intentions, she considers it her right and holy duty to unceremoniously invade someone else"s life, ask a bunch of tactless and meaningless questions, and pester with calls at any time of the day. And having run into an angry rebuke, he is offended: "Why are you angry? For you, I try!"

The Fate of Person with Personality Number 6

It is easy to imagine what fate awaits such a person. She is truly tragic. After all, the number of personality 6 in numerology is the number of good, unselfishness, honesty and devotion. However, the inability to use all this in practice completely discredits the "six" as an attorney in private affairs, a friend, and ally. As a result, there is a nagging heartache, resentment, and sincere bewilderment: "I wanted it better. The most annoying thing is that the same situation develops, as a rule, in the family. The son will think ten times before asking for help, knowing in advance that he will have to listen to a long "lecture" and then answer endless questions. And the spouse would rather prefer to hide the problem that has arisen in his life - just "not to wake the sleeping dog". Meanwhile, all this is fixable. "Six" should curb their obsession and abandon the role of "ambulance", coming with or without. What should happen will happen anyway. It is only necessary to wait for the final resolution of the situation, and only then proceed to eliminate the consequences.

Ruling Panet Venus
Colors Blue
Gemstones Apache Tear, Bloodstone, Carnelian, Cat's Eye, Citrine, Glass, Jasper, Labrodorite, Marble, Mochi Balls, Moldavite, Onyx, Peridot, Green Sapphire, Star Sapphire, Green Tourmaline

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